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Just Got Back from My Kindergartener's Graduation Extravaganza

My five year old is a kindergarten graduate. Yay. All the kindergarteners lined up in the cafeteria and put on a show. Look, I'm no critic but the songs were a little repetitive and the choreography was all over the place. The dancers kept forgetting their move and one of the dancers even started crying and sat down.

To make matters worse, I'm pretty sure they were lip synching with a pre-recorded tape.

And in the poems about the children, the metaphor of the children being like flowers was kinda' beat into the ground.

If this were a performing arts school I'm thinking there'd be some refunds. Two stars out of five at best.

I didn't say anything to my kid but let's hope her high school graduation is a little better.

*subhead*Two stars.*subhead*

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Anneg said...

Matt, I would think that an experienced Super-Dad like you would find something good, like that it's the last kindergarten graduation for this batch? Actually I do not know where they got the idea kids should have a kindergarten or preschool graduation, anyway. I'd rather see them dress up like super heroes and princess and play and eat cupcakes.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Better 'Children are Like Flowers" than "Children are Like Zucchini--you always have more than you want and you can't GIVE them away." or "Children are like sun-warmed tomatoes--you just can't resist biting them." Or "Children are like pine trees. They grow quickly. Then we pulp them so we have something to wipe our butts."

Really, as far as children-vegetation metaphors go, I think flowers are the safest choice.....

matthew archbold said...

Well, if those are my only choices...sure.

LarryD said...

"Children are like weeds. No, they really are. "

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Why should kindergarten feature a graduation at all? What next -- cap and gown ceremonies for learning to wash one's hands?

Donna M said...

Thirty years from now, that controlled chaos, will be one of the fondest memories!
Those were the "easy" years!

Either that, or you are well on your way to early, senile dementia!...;)

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