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Man Kills Pregnant Girlfriend, Largely Ignored by Media

Those crazy violent pro-lifers are crazy and violent and stuff.

Pro-life violence is the subject of a massive amount of news stories, opinion pieces, documentaries, television shows, and movies. You'd think there was a national epidemic. Of course, there isn't.

You'd never know that pro-abortion violence occurs far far more often. But every time it occurs it's not labeled as such. It's what some reporters call a "local crime story." There's no trend here. Nothing to see, even though it happens all the time everywhere throughout the country.

But how often do we read about the tragedy where a man kills a woman because she was pregnant? All. The. Time.

The Daily News reports:

A Connecticut man enraged that his pregnant girlfriend wouldn’t get an abortion allegedly hired a hitman to kill her, according to court documents.

Carlton Bryan, 21, was riding with Shamari Jenkins, who was four months pregnant, when she was fatally shot April 29 while driving in Hartford’s North End, police said.

Alleged trigger man Matthew Allen Hall-Davis fired through the back window and struck 20-year-old Jenkins.

Shamari Jenkins, 20, was killed in April. Police say her boyfriend put a hit on her because she was pregnant and wouldn’t get an abortion.
Shamari Jenkins died because she wouldn't kill her unborn baby.

But to the media, George Tiller is a hero, a martyr. Currently, in Google News, in the past few weeks there were over 1,400 mentions of late-term abortionist George Tiller, despite the fact that he was murdered years ago.

In the same time period, there are only nine mentions of "Shamari Jenkins" in news stories.

Shamari Jenkins will be forgotten by most. She will be a footnote, an anomaly not worth discussing. None of the major media outlets have even mentioned her name.

Please say a prayer for a young woman who chose life.


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Proteios1 said...

I'm a bit surprised that it isn't hitting the media advocacy circuit for being male violence against women. That usually gets some play to perpetuate the 'all males are attackers' mindset of the feminists. Maybe it's my naivety that feminists are willing to throw mothers and especially married, stay at home moms under the bus, so who knows how this plays into the complicated, self loathing and ever changing leftist dogma. I need a program just to keep up

Donna M said...

Very sorry for mom and baby!
She died defending the "right" to protect her child from harm.
The father's illogic defies both rationale and reason! His solution was to kill both!


George @ Convert Journal said...

Pray for Shamari and her child.

Foxfier said...

Proteios1 -
that one only "works" when the woman is being a "real woman"-- ie, advancing the interests of the one making an accusation.

Bob the Ape said...

And pray for Carlton Bryan and Matthew Allen Hall-Davis, that they might repent.

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