"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Maybe the Right to Privacy Isn't All We Thought It Was

The right to privacy is so absolute that it includes the right to kill unborn human beings. You might think that the Democrats who defend with absolutist zeal the right to privacy might take that right pretty seriously.

You might be wrong.

It turns out that the Obama administration is secretly carrying out a domestic surveillance program to collect business communications records involving private Americans.

So let's get this straight. The right to privacy includes the absolute right to kill your unborn child but not to have a private phone conversation?

How about if you made a call to talk about killing the unborn, would that be private or is that a gray area?


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August said...

Wait, I remember fascist women saying something like, "My body, my rights," which was always crap, because the baby is somebody else's body, and none of these women ever showed up to help victims of anti-drug laws, who can legitimately say it is their body and not anyone else's.
But I don't remember anyone saying abortion is an extension of the right to privacy. Is this the flimsy excuse they give for letting little girls get abortions without parental consent? The left doesn't believe in a right to privacy. A right to privacy would preclude them from interfering, and their highest principle is that of interfering.

Rebecca Frech said...

Roe vs Wade was decided as a right to privacy issue. It was determined that what went on between a woman and her doctor was confidential and private. I don't know how that means you can kill your unborn child, but that was what the decision hinged on

Father Cory Sticha said...

There are a number of states which have enshrined the right to privacy in their state constitutions. Montana is one such state, and every pro-life law passed by the Montana legislature has been struck down as unconstitutional because they violate women's right to privacy. So, yes, the right to privacy is being used as an excuse why abortion should be legal anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

ProudHillbilly said...

Liberalism ALWAYS has a subtext - "As long as you agree with me and do what I want you to do." Always.

Mary De Voe said...

No woman has ever been prosecuted for aborting her unborn child. Turning state’s evidence automatically grants the woman immunity from prosecution. Roe was all about getting the taxpayers to pay for everybody’s abortion. Roe entrusted the unborn child, a ward of the court, to the individual who intended to murder him.
Covertly called the “right to choose” and the “right to privacy”, Roe is the greatest miscarriage of Justice, flimflam, swindle, of the American taxpayer in the history of creation.

RobJ said...

Those cell phone records have to include calls from pregnant women to abortion clinics. I wonder how the pro-aborts feel about their privacy now?

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