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National Cathedral in D.C. Pealed Bells Yesterday for Gay Marriage Decision

The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. pealed its bells for an hour yesterday in celebration of the Supreme Court's gay marriage decisions.

Christian News reports:

Dean Gary Hall issued a statement yesterday praising the court for its ruling, and explaining why the Cathedral was clanging its bells to mark the occasion.

“We are ringing our bells at the Cathedral to celebrate the extension of federal marriage equality to all the same-sex couples modeling God’s love in lifelong covenants,” he said. “Our prayers for continued happiness are with them and with all couples who will be joined in matrimony in the years to come, whether at Washington National Cathedral or elsewhere.”

Hall stated that he believes Christians should welcome same-sex “marriage,” and that doing so would serve to demonstrate one’s faith in Christ.

“Today’s rulings advance civil marriage equality, but they should also serve as a call for Christians to embrace religious marriage equality. Countless faithful Christians have lived out their lives in committed same-sex relationships, and we have seen the fruits of their fidelity in our families, our congregations and our communities. If we use this historic moment to see more clearly how their faithfulness contributes to the common good, we will better be able to walk with our LGBT sisters and brothers as an act of Christian faith.”
Interestingly, you have a case where they are pleased because they believe the Court made a good moral choice.

But in 1994, the 71st General Convention of the Episcopal Church expressed "its unequivocal opposition to any legislative, executive or judicial action on the part of local, state or national governments that abridges the right of a woman to reach an informed decision about the termination of pregnancy or that would limit the access of a woman to safe means of acting on her decision."

So for gay marriage, it's ok for the Courts to impose their version of morality on others but when it comes to protecting life, morality and the judiciary must be completely separated. Kinda' strange if you ask me.


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Proteios1 said...

Is this the national "catholic" cathedral or some other one?
This goes against the direct spoken words of Jesus himself. How can this decision be celebrated. Ignoring it and realizing we must live our life our way. Yes. Celebrating open defiance of Christs own words. Not so much.

Toby said...

the "National Cathedral" in DC is Episcopal
the National Shrine Basilica is Catholic as is St. Matthew's Cathedral

Magdalene said...

Its 'episcopal' so what would you expect? They embrace the evils of the world in many cases. Next to our abortion mill of planned parenthood in my town is the "welcoming inclusive" episcopal church with its lesbian "pastor". But they are NOT inclusive of orthodoxy, I can tell you that. Renegade schismatic catholics also "worship" there.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

We have no national cathedral because we do not have a national church. The Episcopalians should be the first to remind people that their heathen Temple of Doom is not a national anything.

Dymphna said...

The Episcopalians eventually came into existence because a man wanted to abandon his wife so he could marry his mistress. What else can one expect?

JM said...

These comments reflect why we are not even beginning to make a dent in the rhetorical war. It is not "weird" at all for The Episcopal Church to rings its bells, given it has argued that lifelong love should be he qualifier for marriages, and that gay prohibitions are dated and prejudicial. They have embraced Modernism or philosophical Liberalism in their approach to Scriptures. BEfore you sling mud, note the Cardinal Schonborn has endorsed having actively gay parish board members. This struggle will hit much closer to Catholic quarters before it is over.

Mary De Voe said...

@JM: "It is not "weird" at all for The Episcopal Church to rings its bells, given it has argued that lifelong love should be he qualifier for marriages, and that gay prohibitions are dated and prejudicial." When gays can consummate the marital act, then gays can call it marriage, otherwise it is lust, a vice and disordered. The Court's decisions change nothing, as you pretty much already have learned. These are benefits you might have had with civil unions without plagiarizing "Marriage" and without perjuring before the court.

David said...

In light of what Katherine Jefferts Schori & co. have endured for love of V Gene Robinson and his bedmate it is less than surprising that those who run the Episcopal shrine in DC would get all orgasmic over the DOMA decision.

Kyrie eleison

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