"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Our Destruction: Tactics And Goals

Obama let us know everything we need to know about the future of the gay marriage debate and its ultimate purpose yesterday.

The goal of this gay marriage debate is about power pure and simple. And there is one institution that stands between progressives and ultimate power and that is the Church. This is why we have seen some many frontal assaults on religious liberty during his presidency. They want the Church out of the way. They also want the States out of the way with all power consolidated in the federal government. Gay marriage offers them an opportunity to achieve both.

The first thing out of Obama's mouth yesterday was a denial (read confirmation) of his ultimate goal in this debate, the destruction of the Church and religious liberty.

“On an issue as sensitive as this, knowing that Americans hold a wide range of views based on deeply held beliefs, maintaining our nation’s commitment to religious freedom is also vital,” Obama said. “How religious institutions define and consecrate marriage has always been up to those institutions. Nothing about this decision — which applies only to civil marriages — changes that.”

Of course, this is exactly what they want to do. The ultimate purpose is to force the Church to go along and when it will not, to punish, penalize it, and marginalize it. This is the goal people, pure and simple.

The other comment from Obama is this:

They cannot allow for States to keep bucking the progressive vision of the feds. They have witnessed the steady progress that the STates have made against their abortion on demand dogma and it drives them mad. The states must be compelled to go along by any means necessary on this issue and every issue to come.

This is a war against the Church and the States.

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Proteios1 said...

The one constant among the last three presidents (Clinton, bush and Obama) is when their lips are moving. They are lying.
Also, it is true more often than not, that what they assure us of is exactly what they are targeting. It's a tell.

August said...

The problem with this analysis is that you assume they are giving the Church enough credit to actually view us as an enemy.
No, they don't even see us as 'The Church', but old bones of that thing that once was.
Until the rise of the modern state, governments didn't have much to do with marriage, but now, with amnesia set in everywhere, people actually think a government can change the nature of marriage, and is certainly in charge of it, whatever it may be.
Since there are always more lawyers, year after year, it becomes necessary to expand the industry, and gay marriage shall be a rich source of income.
I think the way they struck down DOMA proves my longstanding point because they could have struck it down solely on the basis that this has been a power of the states in this country. Instead they took another part of the constitution out of context and made this about some ostensible equal right. Indeed, if one were cynical, one could see this as orchestrated, with Republican lawyers crafting DOMA knowing it would create this opportunity for the court. If this were war, I'd say the enemy has pulled off a brilliant tactical move and have saved themselves the trouble of long battles elsewhere.

If you have any pull at all in the Church, get the bishops to let us marry without reference to the state. Everything else coming out of their mouths is just meaningless.

Monika said...

Expect an unprecedented avalanche of lawsuits against the Church. We'll have to go underground like the Christians in China.

Donna M said...

Would it suprise anyone if obama droned a Catholic Church? Because, in all honesty, he has. Faithful, obedient Catholics and those christians of like mindness, have been "cauled" and deemed "unworthy" to coexist in the prograzi universe. Does anyone think in anyway, this is going to have a good outcome for anyone, let alone, anyone in the "Republic" of America?
This was a Republic that governed through democratic means, through elective process. When biased gov officials, unions and courts can hyjack, over ride and countermand the elected will of the people. (Usually under the guise of "faked" fairness) What then, is it?

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