"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Sebelius Says Abortion Laws Get Between a Woman and Her Priest. Wait, What?

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, a self professed Catholic said that laws restricting abortion stand between a woman and her priest. Yeah really. She said it. The author of the HHS mandate which forces Catholic institutions to pay for abortifacients is concerned about priests.

Here's the money quote:

“I’m alarmed about any restrictions being passed by various legislatures that take out of the control of women, and their partners, and their doctors, and their priests, their own decisions about their healthcare.”

Here's the vid:

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Proteios1 said...

I see nothing wrong with a man or woman involving a priest in any, every and all decisions. in fact, the harder the decsiion the moreso.

we already know she is part of the apostasy occurring in the democratic and republican parties that strike against Catholic teaching. We know that. But in a world of conveniences...these are the temptations. Talk to a priest.

I still say no matter what the decision, a priest should be right there with you. It's not a question of knowing the teachings. Many do know the teachings and still struggle with temptations. Talk to a priest.

I don't condone those who muddy the waters. And as a result, I know people who aren't sure about Catholic teachings. Talk to a priest.

But extracting the idea of involving a priest during temptations of this or any type. That's being Catholic! That's one of our greatest benefits.

bill bannon said...

Apparently she was inspired by Pilosi's sacred ground phrase. A bizarre concept has spread.

elm said...

Have to wonder when she last talked to a priest.

Donna M said...

Yet again, the prograzi field marshall, sanctioning the fascist state over the Church. She knows she is wrong and who her real enemy is, the Church! Why mention a priest at all.
Hey S and all your ilk, when are you going to be honest and renounce your faith. You can't keep feeding the beast human sacrifice and call yourselves Catholic! Please, take to heart the messages of todays gospel readings: ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing (among sheep) and trees bearing rotten fruit! Ravenous and rotten!

William Meyer said...

Yet another CINO using her (nominal) faith to mislead the faithful.

Formal and very public excommunication NOW.

Magdalene said...

Any priest who advises abortion is literally playing with the fires of hell.

Unknown said...

Do these politicians ever hear themselves talk out of both sides of their mouth? On one hand, they want the Catholic Church to basically "sit down and shut up". On the other hand, they come up with comments like the one above.

KCKim said...

Elm -- I can't say when Kathleen last talked to a priest, but I know our Archbishop Joseph Naumann has talked to her a lot, trying to get her to see the errors of her thinking. He finally told her to not present herself for communion until she becomes a real Catholic, believing, practicing and living what the Church teaches. I knew Kathleen once upon a time (30+ years ago) when I was in law school and she was executive director of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Ass'n. I'm often asked if she revealed then what she's like now. Either I was naive, because she was pregnant with her first child, such that I assumed she was not pro-abortion; or the subject never came up. I wish I'd known then what I know now, because my conversations with her would have been entirely different.

But today, I know so many Catholics-in-name-only, primarily women, who invested so heavily into the women's rights stance, that they've turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the Church, choosing instead to believe that "free will" does not mean the will to choose good, but rather the freedom to choose to do whatever she wants.

How they can believe that, I really do not know, except to conclude quite simply that they've hardened their hearts to the extent that they have gone beyond the point that any of us mere mortals could reach them and convince them otherwise.

As hard as it is to do sometimes, we must pray for them. And, as I write that or remind myself of it, part of me wants to scream, because it is so very difficult to pray for people who espouse pure evil.

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