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Sister in Law Having Another Baby. Hooray.

My wife's sister recently announced she was pregnant. Yay. This will be her third. She has two boys already.

The extended friends and family are thrilled. I do sometimes wonder what they're happier about, another baby, or a chance that they can take all their old baby girl clothes out of their closets and attics and get rid of them all under the guise of charity?

I guess both.

*subhead*Well wishes.*subhead*

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priest's wife said...

cousins are fun! We are a little spread out with 3 parts of the family in one state and us in another (same time zone though) and a fifth in another state- so we plan to have a cousin (24 or so) birthday party when we get together this July...bouncy house and pinata and all

Donna M said...

Very Happy for you all!

We love the gift of "life", too!

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