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The Awkwardness of 13

Our parish priest high fives all the kids coming out of Mass every Sunday. It's a nice tradition. My thirteen year old daughter received her high five coming out of Mass yesterday just as she's done since she was old enough to high five. As we walked to the parking lot she turned to me and asked, "I'm thirteen and I'm taller than Father. Isn't it getting a little awkward for me to be getting a high five?"

Hmmm, I said because that's what I say when I have no idea what to say. It presents, I believe, an illusion that I'm going to ponder something for a while.

My eleven year old suggested that after the next Mass she simply shake our priest's hand. My thirteen year old thought about that for a moment and finally concluded, "That would actually be more awkward."

Hmmm, I said.

We walked on and she added, "I'm thirteen. I guess everything I do is awkward."

Hmmmm, I said. But I meant it this time.


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Amy Giglio said...

You could not pay me enough to be 13 again. It is so awkward. I'm

James Blake said...

how about kissing the hands of the priest instead? high fiving??

matthew archbold said...

I guess if you're going for awkward, why not?

Donna M said...


Donna M said...

Guess fist bumps are "okay" if they don't get carried away.

John F. Kennedy said...

How about a dignified nod and a smile as he passes?

Matt W said...

Good girl! At least she has the self-awareness to realize that at 13 lots of things are awkward. To be able to step back and look at a situation like she did and come to that conclusion is pretty darn mature.

Rick said...

Good to know. I have a 13 yr. old & these posts give me some insight into what he is going through.

ThereseRita said...

Bless her heart. It's not her that's awkward in this situation, it's the priest. Enough already.

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