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The Coop

Well, truth be told this turned into a bigger project than I thought it would be, but I am getting there.

The chickens are now 3 weeks old and getting quite big and unruly. I need to get them out of the house. They are beginning to get smelly and very dusty.

The coop is a work in progress. I estimate that I am 85% there..

I hope to move the chicks into there new home next weekend.

*subhead*In progress.*subhead*

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Regina said...

We have chickens and that looks like a very small coop you are going to need a VERY LARGE penned in area if you do not intend to let them have the whole back yard(which I HIGHLY suggest)

elm said...

My chicks moved into their permanent structure at the age of 8 weeks. Until that time we housed them in a big box in the garage at night, and in one of the raised garden bed during the day. Just found out one is a rooster; he'll have to go bye-bye soon. The coop took 3 days, dedicated work, to build. Hubby thought it would take about 3 hours. Now we just wait, feed, water, and wait for eggs. Not a simple undertaking, but love that they no longer have to be moved daily. Found out that chickens LOVE hostas. They cleared off two in as many days.

ProudHillbilly said...

Reason 101 of why I don't have chickens even though I love them...

Jen Raiche said...

I concur that the garage may be a good interim place for the chicks. We had ours in the basement until our house smelled like a farm (maybe 3-4 weeks). While the coop was still being built, we moved them to the garage. Everyone was happier with the arrangement. :)

Best of luck! Our kids really enjoy the chickens. Although we have had to get rid of all but one of the roosters. After some time, they started competing with the kids for "big man on campus". They lost in the end.

Allison said...

Fancy coop looks great! We cobbled together a few doghouses. And just so you know, they eat tons of leftovers ~ even scrambled eggs!

Rick said...


Donna M said...


...you've had the chickens in the "house"?

...fine dining, plush accommodatations, waited on, chicken wing and foot!

When given a "little" advice about making the PETA lunatics happy, this turns to be beyond "HILARIOUS"!

...poor little things, going to be such a culture shock!
...to be asked to "give back" by producing eggs and live in a very nice coop "outside"!
...don't be suprised if they need "chick" therapy!

Unknown said...

Pat, I was just wondering about your chicks and said coop the other day. Thanks for letting us know/see your progress. Wish I lived close enough to buy your eggs. BTW, I saw our local grocery store sells fertilized eggs. Does that mean they have a blood speck in the yolk? Does anyone know that?

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Has PETA approved of this? Is that wood from recycled sources? Is that hammer licensed and registered? Do you really plan to eat our forest friends? Why don't you go to the store and buy chicken that was made there instead of harming animals?

eulogos said...

How many chickens do you plan to have?
That looks big enough for three or four maybe. Where are they going to roost? They need nest boxes , and then they need separate roosts at night, NOT over the nests, as at night on the roosts is when they do the most pooping. IThey don't sit in nests at night and you wouldn't want them to for the aforementioned reason. If it doesn't get cold where you are the roost can be in the screened in part, but if you live in a place with winter, they need a roost in a reasonably enclosed place.

Mack Hall-funny.

Susan Peterson

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