"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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We're Not Called to Win Arguments, We're Called to Love

The battles over gay marriage are intense. And bitter. One must only look at the comboxes of Catholic blogs and websites to understand that. I have taken part in bitter debates as well. I probably shouldn't even call them debates so much as exchanged accusations. Sometimes I'll admit I opt for the witty verbal coup de grace rather than exhibiting grace.

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Anonymous said...

Some have an idealized view of gay people. That's not charity, either.

Ma Tucker said...

Ah now. I think I would call this a trap. People who engage in homosexual practice would generally rather cut off their arms than get "married". This fact you will observe by the ridiculously low numbers who will avail of this facility. Certainly there will be a handful. This is not really about that. It is about the State abolishing marriage. When you redefine something in its fundamentals, you are in effect destroying the original. So marriage = a life long union between man and woman for the purpose of begetting and nurturing of children has disappeared and has been replaced with marriage = a life long union between two consenting adults. The legal system is now lying about the reality of marriage.

Julie said...

The legal system is also trying to redefine parenthood beyond the scientific biology driven definition.

K T Cat said...

Ma Tucker +1.

Foxfier said...

Since winning would mean bringing someone who is believing a dangerous falsehood over to the truth, not seeing a conflict. That's usually not going to happen, but you can protect those who are just watching the argument.

Anonymous said...

I guess the tact is reproach the sinner but without a touchdown dance.

tuleesh said...

We're Not Called to Win Arguments, We're Called to Love

Those words bring to mind what St. Bernadette Soubirous told the theologians and the "wise and learned ones" who doubted that Our Blessed Mother spoke to her. A gentle "take it or leave it:

“My job is to inform, not to convince.”

Talk about respect for free will and freedom of conscience.

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