"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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12 Most Popular Catholic Buts

For many, being a Catholic nowadays is like saying you're a Star Trek fan. They feel the need to immediately caveat it with a denial that they're a "trekkie." I hear so many people talk of their Catholicism in a similar way.

Here's some of the more popular sentence I've heard start with "I'm a Catholic but..."

...I don't get crazy about it.

...I believe in science and think it was totally wrong that the Church burned Galileo at the stake.

...I think all religions are true.

...not in a religious way.

Continue checking out the most popular "Catholic buts" at The National Catholic Register>>>


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Ron Van Wegen said...

Catholic Buts... (giggle)

David C said...

I'm Catholic but.......more intellectual than spiritual.

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