"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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A Fish Called Nancy Pelosi

By now, I am sure, you have all read about a series of statements by Nancy Pelosi on the topics of abortion and Catholicism.

But my take is a little different from the crowd. Go over to the Register and find out why you should never call Nancy Pelosi stupid.

Read "A Fish Called Nancy Pelosi"

*subhead*Don't call me stupid!*subhead*

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David C said...

HaHa! Great article Pat.

William Meyer said...

I won't call her stupid. However, I cannot accept either that she is invincibly ignorant. Words that come to mind are arrogant, obstinate, and willfully ignorant. She has had private instruction from her from her former bishop; no change. Moreover, there are too many others of her ilks holding forth with the same nonsense. All contending to be devout Catholics, and all rejecting incontrovertible teachings of the Church. Will you grant them all the tag of invincibly ignorant? it is, at best, unlikely.

Donna M said...

We have been living with the "living" curse, for years!
It wouldn't be so bad, if she didn't profess so astonishingly, and with such regularity, a superior knowledge of divine enlightment of the mysteries of faith, as you truthfully say. But, how she so willingly "allows" herself to be so ill used by satan and his minions! She revels in the relativism. Relishes delightfully, in her elitism! She is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all the others who lacked "basic" human dignity for humanity. Her plotting and purpose speaks well for itself. Willful ignorance? What excuse is acceptable in being so willfully ignorant in the face of spoken truth, by Jesus? Who is "always" present.
This has taken her years to be so self deluded and so full of self denial. An unrelenting "practice"! Stupid can't even come close to such a willfill and scathing abomination! That is why calling herself a "Catholic" is "non sequeter".
And you can't fix stupid!

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