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Again! People Held Captive In House For 10 Years!

What is going on? Hostages held for years in a house, again! But this time it is men that were held hostage, some up to 10 years.

HOUSTON – Eight people living in a north Houston home were held captive for a period of time, with some held as many as 10 years, police said Friday.

KTRK-TV in Houston reports that police received a call at about 8:30 a.m. on Friday about several people being held inside a garage of a home where the front door was nailed shut.

They report that four men, approximately 79, 74, 65 and 54 years old were being kept inside a ‘prison room’ filled with trash.

One victim reportedly told police he’d been there ten years. Three of the men couldn’t walk out of the house. It was unclear how many more victims there may be, but some reports said eight people may have been held captive.

According to KTRK-TV, police suspect the men may have been homeless and brought to the house and given beer and cigarettes in exchange for their Social Security and Veteran’s Administration checks.
Pray for these poor people.


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Unknown said...

I'm not sure if the 10 year thing is accurate. One gentleman said it FELT like 10 yrs, but the local news story I watched didn't give a time frame, and neither did cnn. Of course it doesn't really matter HOW long, its still a horrible story.

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