"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Horrifying Vid: Apostolic Jazz Hands

Bishops with a choreographer for World Youth Day? What could go wrong?

HT Rod Dreher

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Memom said...


overcaffeinated said...

this is actually pretty hilarious

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

You know, so many people have commented on this, from Mark Shea to Fr. Z to Michael Voris. When I look at their and others' responses to this (and to each other), I have only one thing to say:

Has the Catholic Church gotten to such a point where bishops trying to dance is a serious issue?


The whole "controversy" over this is thoroughly asinine. It isn't worth anybody's time.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Dignity is always worth anybody's time. Bishops should lead, not follow, and they certainly should not follow a transient popular culture (because popcult is always transient) of hand-waving, armpit-drying, and scripted emotionalism. Our bishop-heroes are St. Thomas Becket and St. John Fisher, not Justin Bieber and three-chord guitarists.

Harry Seldon said...

Well said, Mack.

Steve Dalton said...

Call me a 61 year old fuddy-duddy, but the only body gestures these bishops should be doing are those at a holy mass.

Maureen said...

Not my cup of tea, but that looks like a good aerobic workout to be done in one's own private bedroom or a gym. Good for their heart, and arm muscles... need to go a bit longer for the dull aerobic benefits.

elm said...

King David....Ark

Don said...

What could go wrong? Well, for starters a bunch of busy-body bloggers could start criticizing them for having a little fun and trying to get into the spirit of the event. Seriously, lighten up people!

Jonathan said...

elm, David was expressing joy and didn't care what he looked like in front of other people.
This is a choreographed move designed to impress other people. Noone is impressed, that's why it is pathetic.

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