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Are Critics of Trayvon Verdict Anti-Women?

The six jurors deciding George Zimmerman's fate were women. So aren't those who are excoriating the verdict as a miscarriage of justice really criticizing women? Isn't this a dog whistle that women aren't smart enough or competent enough to sit on juries?

I'm expecting a comment from NOW any minute now.

*subhead*Dog whistle.*subhead*

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Proteios1 said...
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Anonymous said...

You wish.

elm said...

My first thought when I hear the rebel rousing being planned against Zimmerman was don't blame him, blame those who found him not guilty. He had no control over the verdict. Justice was asked for and justice was served.

KCKim said...


Allison said...

The first thing I said after reading that the Women were more afraid of a black guy without a gun than a white guy with one was, "How about, they heard the evidence and made an informed decision?"

Donna M said...

Matt, answer to your question, yes!
And no, "now" won't give you a courtesy phone call. They're irrational, intectually, morally, ethically and idealogically bankrupt and "never" mentally home!
As to all the rabble-rousing, loud mouthed, bigoted, racially instigated, biased brew-haha that is going on in regard to the jurors verdict, these women had better get some protection! They are going to be in for it!
This is continuing to be a ready made excuse for all the "haters" and there are a lot of them! And that is just the prograzi media. Truth was never relative! Out of charity to those using this for a pretense to act uncivilly, irrationally and irresponsibly, and take out their hate through damage and destruction. Don't end up burning yourselves to a crisp!

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