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County in PA Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples, Governor Intervenes

Montgomery County in Pennsylvania has been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples for the past two weeks. Thankfully, Republican Governor Tom Corbett is stepping in.

PoliticsPA reports:

The Corbett Administration has made it’s first move to stop the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses by Montgomery County. The issue first arose last week when Montco Register of Wills Bruce Hanes announced that he would be issuing licenses to same-sex couples, as he felt Pennsylvania’s law against the practice was unconstitutional.

As first reported by the Associated Press, the state’s Health Department filed the lawsuit with the Commonwealth Court, asking the Court to prevent Hanes’ actions as they violate state law.

After Hanes’ initial announcement, a spokesman for Governor Corbett’s administration denounced the decision.

“Individual elected officials cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce,” said Nils Hagen-Frederiksen in a released statement. “All officials are constitutionally required to administer and enforce the laws that are enacted by the Legislature. Only the courts have the power to declare a law to be unconstitutional and to suspend its effects.”
Corbett is strongly pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. I shudder to think what would happen if a Democrat won. They probably would simply ignore this and refuse to defend marriage at all like President Obama did with DOMA.


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elm said...

So is this clerk fired? It seems in this day and age you can do anything you feel like and as long as it goes along with the present administration's agenda, even tho you break the law, there are no repercussions for going against the law.

Pat said...

like dumping tea into a harbor. can you imagine?

Pat said...

like dumping tea into a harbor. can you imagine?

Christi H said...

What is the Defense of Marriage act, by the way? What dose it do and is it still law?

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