"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Eliot Spitzer: Sure I Exploited Women for Sex But I'm A Feminists 'Cause I'm for Killing the Unborn

It tells you all you need to know about New York that this jerk is leading in the polls.

Eliot Spitzer says he's a feminist. Yeah sure, he exploited women because he had money but hey, he's for killing babies so that's gotta' count for something, right?


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August said...

I beg to differ. Women got to do what they wanted. They were not 'exploited'. I suppose a few of these prostitutes turn on the waterworks for a second and convince you they are just poor mistreated creatures who don't like the party lifestyle they've created for themselves?
I don't like this guy at all. He is a big government guy plus a complete hypocrite, happily breaking laws that he'd put the rest of us in jail for.
Feminists can't really say anything bad about him because he does toe their line. I do suspect they are mad, because most of them are ugly, and he's been consorting with the sort of attractive women who don't need the feminists to be able to do whatever they want.
But anyway, the troubling thing to me was the free pass. Don't give the girls a free pass. You are already well on your way to defeat when you do that.

Donna M said...

Well gee, mr spit-zer,

The appropriate term is "feminazi".
It sure is gettin' harder to tell who they are without their "coathangers"! And of course, the only reason they have them is to hang up "your" coat while conducting your business together! Then, the "feminazis' use the coathanger to "tidy up" the unfinished business!
When I take out the "trash", I keep you all in mind! The filth sure is ugly!

Roy Stoddard said...

How can you be a feminist and beat up on women? Spitzer is totally delusional in his claim to be a feminist. He roughed up the prostitutes he hired and at least one girl says he choked her. His trysts with prostitutes were not only about sex, they were about power and control...just like any other abuser of women. In his crazy mind that makes him a feminist.

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