"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Excommunication Is Intervention, Not Final Condemnation

In so much of the discussion today about Catholic politicians who hold and promote very un-Catholic ideas, we hear calls for excommunication.

In truth, I have called for the excommunication of such pols many times. Nancy (please excommunicate me) Pelosi comes to mind. Recently, her comments about her faith and her policies prompted many calls for her excommunication including mine.

At the National Catholic Register I explain why. Please read it and tell me what you think.

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juvat said...

Is that a freudian slip in the first sentence, Politicians who "holed"? Personally, I think many of them should shut their pie holes also, but as silver tongued as you are, I think you might mean "hold".

Suzanne Carl said...

Patrick, Thank you for taking on this serious discussion. You are absolutely on point. Sinners can forestall or return after an excommunication. If it doesn't happen and they die in their errors, all hope is lost. Excommunication is a gift and an opportunity. It should be used, now more than ever, as a way to prevent the spread of error and scandal. It is not a repudiation of a person. Persons can always repent. It is a repudiation of the sins and scandal of a person. Very parental!

7fbc6254-eb65-11e2-85d7-000bcdcb471e said...

Well, as it is, there are certain kinds of behavior which do not need a formal act of excommunication. It occurs by default such as promoting, defending, encouraging abortion. Mrs. Crypt-Keeper has already done this to herself and is already without hope unless she Confesses and obtain absolution.

Keep in mind the Church's rule is if one sins publicly, the retraction must be made publicly. Now whether the modernist bishops (including the Pope himself) hold to this concept any longer is perhaps to be doubted as any finger-pointing at politicians seem so anathema to these episcopal somebodies, oh, unless it's about immigration or some other Socialist whine on their agenda.


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