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Fr. Pfleger Calls for Civil Disobedience over Trayvon

The always fiery Fr. Michael Pfleger tweeted last week that everyone should be praying for a conviction in the case. Notice he didn't pray for justice. He prayed for a conviction.

Today, in an interview with a Chicago news station, he called for civil disobedience. And just in case you didn't think he was attempting to add gas to the fire, Fr. Pfleger said Trayvon Martin is the new Emmett Till. Till was an African-American boy who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.

Fr. Pfleger has no shame. And when someone gets hurt or killed because of his needless Molotov rhetoric, he'll run to the nearest camera again saying we need to understand the violence or some such nonsense. You see, it doesn't matter to Fr. Pfleger what he's saying or what happens after he says it. As long as those microphones keep being shoved in his face, he's happy.

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Elizabeth said...

And shouldn't his Bishop, Cardinal George, be putting a muzzle on this guy?

Aged parent said...

Positively disgusting.

And the Justice Dept is also very busy rousing the rabble: http://theeye-witness.blogspot.com/2013/07/riotson-your-dime.html

NickMcC said...

It saddens me when a priest makes a public appearance and doesn't wear his vestments. If he goes to the gorcer, sure no vestments, I get it. Go onto local TV and not wear your vestments? Surely his intentions are well, but why not wear the vestments when he is making an address to the people?

I think this priest is rightly upset for what he sees, but I think what he sees is what is skewed. He sees racism as the motive for Zimmerman's action, when there is no evidence for such a claim.

Proteios1 said...

It's probably appropriate that he isn't wearing his collar. He doesn't seem to be speaking with any wisdom, piety, elf control or common sense. Certainly inciting violence isn't consistent with the CCC.

Donna M said...

Taking it to Jesus, complaining to him, lest I be found guilty of attacking one of his "priests"!..;(
This is a priest that did adopt 2 black boys. So they really do call him "father"?

Wendell said...

Bishop,... er, Fr. Pfleger might consider a vow of silence and spare us his self serving rants.

Nathan said...

Everyone who reads this should immediately write his bishop, Cardinal George and demand action. Nothing will improve without the bishops reigning their priests in and if we can't count on Card. George, then who?

John B said...

Maybe his appearing in "civilian" attire is evidence of a subconscious desire to be laicized. His fanning the flames of racial division is unconscionable for a priest. His Bishop should silence him. If he won't be silenced, he should be laicized.

Little Elvio said...

Wow, most of us are concerned with the way this priest is dressed than with the truth behind his message, that a minor who could be our son or our brother or friend was killed and the adult who did it is being considered as a victim. Way to go people!

alteregoh59 said...

Maybe if more people's souls were convicted there would be more justice.

In the mean time, here's another stone for CMR to cast.

Or could just spend some time reading about what a civil disobedient does:

While Chicago is no stranger to violent crime, since the beginning of the year, crime citywide has gone down.
And one Chicago neighborhood seems to be escaping the bloodshed thanks to a determined priest.
Rival gang members are battling on the court instead of on the streets -- with the prize not being a trophy, but lives saved.
"Nobody wins in a shootout. We are trying to create an atmosphere that when something comes up and we to talk it out rather than shoot it out," Father Michael Pfleger said.
Pfleger started an ongoing weekly basketball league last fall in one of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods.
As a result, violence is dramatically down in the community.

Pfleger said among his players, there hasn't been a single shooting. He has received calls from four other gangs who want to become part of the tournament and encourage peace. - ABCNews

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