"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Gonzaga Promotes Jobs Advocating Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Assisted Suicide

Gonzaga University’s blog for job-seeking students and alumni includes postings for jobs with a Planned Parenthood clinic, a same-sex marriage advocacy group, and an assisted suicide group which boasts of having helped 650 people commit suicide.

The Gonzaga University Career Services Blog posts jobs, internships and events for Gonzaga students and alumni. Among the many listings for jobs posted May 21 (but which remain on the site) are two for positions with Planned Parenthood clinics in Oregon, including a health center manager in Beaverton and a senior systems administrator in Portland. Both the Beaverton and Portland clinics perform abortions and distribute contraceptives.

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1 comment:

Donna M said...

Outrage of course, so what "is" salvageable?

Picking through the wreckage of what once a fairly good Catholic school.
Who are the morons in charge of this institution of non higher learning. Forget about being Catholic. These idiots are the future low info voters! Functioning on limited mental capacity and diminished ethical processes. Right reasoning must be plugged up somewhere. How can any so called, Catholic institution, account for such a travesty?

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