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Greatest Headline Ever!

Mexican Man Fakes Death To Avoid Gang Rape Charge Before Getting Elected As Mayor, Latino Fox News reports. Wow.

This has to be one of the greatest headlines I've ever read. Not just because of the story's improbable nature but because it makes reading the story completely superfluous as well. I saw the headline and, of course, I had to click and lo and behold the headline was absolutely accurate. A Mexican Man faked his death to avoid a gang rape charge and now he was just elected mayor. Yup. That's what happened.


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Robert said...

The Democratic Revolution Party in Mexico has it all over the Democrat Party here. In the U.S., dead Democrats can vote, in Mexico they can run for office.

matthew archbold said...

Ha. Wish I thought of that joke. Good one.

Jason said...

How about this one I just saw on the Daily Mail's website (please excuse the content):

"Retired Mountie 'killed his wife after she attacked him with a knife because he refused to honor Wii game bet he lost and have sex with her'"

Wow. Just....wow.

Donna M said...

Weirdness becoming, "yawn", common place.
In California we have a legion of the "walking dead" here! It is wholesale theft! Stolen identities and birth certificates of people who have actually died is an extremely lucrative business. I wonder when the department of vital statistics is going to correspond birth records with death certificates. It is time they record and archive appropriately. Our government just loves to send checks to dead people.

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