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Horror. Feminist Writer Speaks of Abortion of her "Burden"

The casual nature which feminist Amy Richards speaks of her "selective reduction" is nothing short of a horror. She not only doesn't feel that her decision is worthy of criticism but she wants to be affirmed and applauded. Not for one second does she consider the humanity of her unborn child. The moment she hears that she's pregnant with three children she only speaks of the child as a "burden."

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Proteios1 said...

So why doesnt she just sterilize herself? Problem solved and she only hurts her own soul, not prevents the development of other souls. Plus, who would want such a heartless, soulless zombie as a mother? Imagine that talk of love, dignity and importance.
"Yeah, honey, I kept you unlike the other babies, I couldn't be bothered with. But never mind my devaluation of you, how are you enjoying the jet skis with the money I saved? Had we gotten rid of you too, there was a speed boat I could have had. Imagine the sex I could have had on that?"

Christi H said...

She dosent just have selective reduction, she also has selective horror. Horrified at how blithely her friend would artificially implant seven unborn children just to have them die, but not that she willfully kill two of her own.

Maurisa said...

Ugh. This made the hair stand up on my neck and my skin crawl. It's hard to imagine such callousness.

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