"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Irish Pro-Abortion Rights Labour Pol Begs Members Not to Describe Abortion

You've gotta' love the hypocrisy. Irish Labour Senator Marie Maloney wants to vote to legalize abortion but pleads with other members of the Senate not to actually describe what abortion actually does.

I really enjoy how she jockeys for the moral high ground on abortion when she's for killing the unborn. And to add to the hypocrisy, she says we shouldn't describe abortion because children might be listening. For the children. It's always for the children.

Then, a Senator stands to explain why graphic language should be used and he is absolutely shouted down.


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Julia Cooney said...

Of course this lady, Marie Moloney wouldn't want abortion described because that would be telling the truth and a lot of people who think abortion is a medical procedure on the level of a D & C might change their minds about supporting abortion. Also, she, herself might have to face the truth, obviously something she is avoiding so that she can continue in her cushy job and not go against Eamon Gilmore's lefty crusade against life and everything that is right.

Proteios1 said...

Sadly universal this desire to close ones eyes, put your fingers in your ears and say lalalalal to avoid any reception of information. The problem is that its the people with their fingers in their ears who are pushing what they themselves don't want to hear. Odd.

If I support war, I should be able to look at graphic depictions of limbs being burnt while still attached to screaming solders due to the burning phosphorous grenades routinely used. To see children burned by drones dropping bombs or planes with incendiary devices. That's war. If I support it. I must be able to see what I am promoting.

This is no different in that regard. If we promote death and destruction here, there or anywhere, yet can't stomach it...I suspect God is trying to tell us something very important.

ProudHillbilly said...

German villagers complacently watching the trains heading for Auschwitz. "I'm not stoking the ovens, so I'm OK."

Anneg said...

Most people do not know how gruesome abortion is. They believe the "clump of cells" lie. That is why abortion has to be exposed as the gruesome reality to those targeted, especially gullible adolescents and young adults.
Btw, there is such a thing as just war and you cannot conflate willful murder with just war. That is the crooked, wrinkled"seamless garment"

Lori said...

Before piling on this lady, please note that she is speaking from the painful situation of someone who has miscarried or had a still birth (not clear which from her description). There is an emotional trigger for some people. It doesn't sound like she is advocating for heads in the sand, just some decorum. But I guess if you can score a pro-life point from her, it doesn't matter. We can believe she is wrong on this without vilifying her.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Actually, what it sounds like is that they're trying to hide the truth behind "decorum". Are...are you actually unacquainted with the history of totalitarian doublespeak in the 20th century? The name George Orwell ring any bells?

While I do actually sympathize with trying to safeguard those who've had miscarriages, it seems to me that people who advocate a legal right to induce them don't really have standing to talk.

If someone tried to hush up Holocaust remembrance to spare the feelings of those who've lost relatives to other kinds of gassing, I don't think any sane person would say their motives weren't questionable.

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