"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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More Republican Prestidigitation

Here is the headline Republicans want you to see.

"Rubio to Introduce Senate Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks"

This is why I hate them so much.

The Republicans, particularly Rubio, are in trouble with their base who are very unhappy about their support of this poor version of immigration reform. They need to get them back on board, but they don't want to do anything for them that will cause political problems. So they go back to their playbook.

What does the playbook tell Republicans to do when they are in trouble with their wild-eyed base?

Schedule and make fanfare over a stand-alone symbolic vote about an issue they care about but that has zero chance of becoming law.

They would never hold something the Dems care about hostage over such issues so as to give them a real chance because the Dems would savage them over it. The Dems would make people believe that Republicans are just like those wild-eyed Bible thumpers they represent and they can't have that.

So they schedule a symbolic vote about an issue they care about but that has zero chance of becoming law trusting that the base will forget by the time the mid-terms roll around. Then they will loudly tout their support of the abortion ban.

This is their playbook. Don't fall for it and don't forget.

Increasingly I believe that the Republican party must die if we are ever to have a truly pro-life party in this country.

*subhead*Don't fall for it.*subhead*

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Steve Dalton said...

Pat, you're correct. The GOP has to die. We who are traditional Christians and conservatives need to unhook the life support that's keeping it alive. Then to rebuild, we need to start in the American South, for that's the most morally, politically, and religious part of the USA. Our church is stronger there than anywhere else in the country. The West Coast and the Northeast, especially New England, are wastelands of liberalism that hate people like us, so don't even bother trying to bring them on board. They were the ones who re-elected Obama, and they would try to wreak anything we attempted to do.

Donna M said...
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Subvet said...

Yep, time for a different party. The two we have now are hard to tell apart.

Lynne said...

Agree with the guys (and I'm in the Northeast). Let.it.burn.

susan said...

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto.

Cassandra said...

No Patrick, the GOP doesn't need to die. The Pro-Life organizations just have to agree to leave. Having the left-over GOP around would actually be advantageous. if the pro-lifers left the GOP, the GOP would lose a good half of their base. Pro-lifers could go to the Greens and Nadarites and others unhappy with the Dems and say, "This is our moment. We split from the GOP, and you split from the Dems. We take down the parties we both hate, and reshape US politics. Let the Dems and GOP scramble for the left-overs."

It would work, but the Pro-Lifers can't sit down and agree to work together. Instead they squabble and squander their rather immense political power. Pro-Lifer have a grassroots force that the Dems and GOP drool over. Pro-lifers don't need the Main Stream Media and should intentionally exclude them. Work the grassroots under the radar.

Tell GOP pro-life candidates that they either quit the GOP or lose all pro-life support. Look what happens to GOP pro-lifers: the GOP let's them play that base in their early career and get some party support because a seat means majority in Congress. But one day the GOP comes around and calls in the favor: Santorum asked to campaign for Specter. Ryan given the VP nomimation if he forsook No Exceptions, and defended Romney's abortion Exceptions.

Jane Galt said...

You've been writing some great stuff lately. Such clearheadedness. Time to stop the happy talk and get serious. God bless you.

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