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New Yorker Cover: Bert and Ernie Snuggle While Watching Supreme Court

The New Yorker celebrates the court's DOMA decision with a cover featuring Sesame Street characters snuggling on the couch while looking at an image of the Supreme Court on television.

The first question I had was why can Bert and Ernie only afford a black and white television? Seems kinda' sad.

All these magazines have been reduced to carnival barkers. That's all they are. But instead of pointing out each oddity as an oddity they constantly feature each oddity as the new mainstream. And the New Yorker in and of itself has very little power to influence the culture but as part of the borg-like mentality of the msm, it has a profound effect on the culture. And by profound I mean calamitous.


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Katherine said...

What is really disgusting is that Bert and Ernie are not gay. They are roommates. Nothing more. Jim Hensen created them that way and Sesame Street, last I heard, intended to keep them that way. So, to use characters that are not yours like that… well, I hope there is legal action, though I doubt there will be.

Proteios1 said...

So gays are claiming these guys too?
So every instant of two men sharing a dwelling means they are gay? This comes not only as a shock to me but probably the roommates I've had over the years.

Donna M said...

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to "Sexual" Street!?

Donna M said...

All "sexed up" and ready to go!

Now I know why the elmo toy makes that hideous noise!
That pervert is now in the trash can with oscar the grouch. What they do together is none of my business, so PLEASE, don't tell me and spare the rest of us! Trash pick-up is on Wednesday along with all the "other" cr@p from "F" street. It won't be missed.

By the way, "F" Street is a very famous hardcore porn store in San Diego.
The one on Mission Bay Dr was shut down!.....;)!!!!!!!

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