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Priest Saves Baby with Desperate Facebook Plea

This is one of those stories that'll make you feel good about humanity. So if you don't want to restore your faith in your fellow man you should stop reading now.

Fr. Thomas Vander Woude of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Va was talking to a few people who knew a couple who were planning to abort their unborn child because the child had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Fr. Vander Woude told me he did something he’d never thought of before. He responded by getting a promise from the couple that if he could find a family that would adopt their child they would allow the child to live. But he had a very small window to act. The mother was quickly approaching the last days she could legally procure an abortion. He was told plainly that if he couldn’t find adoptive parents, they would abort. He didn’t know what to do next. So he did all he could do. He prayed. And then he had an email sent out to a small homeschooling group and he posted his plea on Facebook on Sunday night, saying that a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome needs parents...

Continue reading this amazing story at The National Catholic Register>>>


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Donna M said...

How fortunate the family that receives this little "saint"! The miraculous is going to follow this child, along with a very powerful, influential and persuasive gaurdian angel!

To Li'l Heart, you better have your gaurdian angel warn them,

To buckle up, Buttercups and hold on to your hats!
It's going to be a miraculously wonderful rollercoastal ride!

kford said...

Matt- your excellent writing skills warrant a follow up article on the rest of the story (see commenters' posts above re: this young priest's dad and his sacrifice for his own Down's Syndrome son). The story is too poignant not to be written. Even the septic tank has significance. Please write a story connecting the priest and his dad. It deserves to be told. Thanks. Respectfully, a reader

Donna M said...

I must say,
As a living witness to the saving experience. Of time and again, to heroic virtue, heavenly intervention and the "miraculous" deeds of God when all thought lost. It serves us well to remember that we have not been left abandoned nor orphaned! We still are a people who "value" life, even the most innocent! They are worth defending!

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