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Sandra Fluke Hilariously Blames Conservatives for Anthony Weiner's Sexting

Update: This story might not actually be true. It was posted on something called Journal14 and then at Free Republic. I caught it last night but the fact that I'm not seeing any news source including conservative media pick up on this makes me question it. So I'll check back in but for right now let's assume I'm an idiot.

This is hilariously insane. Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student turned contraceptive activist, blamed pro-lifers and conservatives for the sexting of Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner. In a talk to the radically pro-abortion group Emily's List, she said:

“What men, and women want, above all is SAFE sex. It’s our constitutional right. So now the GOP is limiting our access to both birth control AND abortion on demand. So a poor person like me, I can’t afford to have sex, unless it’s unprotected, and if a poor person accidentally gets pregnant, it’s now almost impossible to get an abortion.”

“That’s why so many men and women are resorting to sexting. It’s safe sex. The ultimate safe sex.”

“And now we’re hypocritically blaming this poor guy Weiner for basically trying to do the right thing. It makes no sense whatsoever. It just goes to show how Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and the rest of the Tea Party are messing up this country. Weiner’s a good guy, he’s my hero. I hope he wins, he’ll makes a great mayor, and I’m going up to NYC this weekend to campaign for him.”
Wow. Just wow. You know, I'm starting to wonder if that Fluke lady might be a bit of an ideologue.

Just so Ms. Fluke understands, Weiner was sexting strange women while his wife was pregnant. You see, Ms. Fluke, the way the woman's body works is that once she's pregnant she can't get pregnant again. So there was no need for birth control, you understand? But that's attempting to counter insanity with logic.

Georgetown should be very proud.


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Donna M said...

What an incoherent rant! This is a University educated individual? Her chemical dependency and addiction to abortifacients has adversly altered her thought processes and effected her brain! She should really seek professional, psychiatric help. She certainly belongs in the deviant, chester and perve catagory!

ProudHillbilly said...

What's really sad is that bobble heads will go up and down in agreement with this.

Jerome said...

" “That’s why so many men and women are resorting to sexting. It’s safe sex. The ultimate safe sex.”

“And now we’re hypocritically blaming this poor guy Weiner for basically trying to do the right thing. "

If I am not mistaken, Mizz Fluke is saying is that neither Mr. Wiener nor his wife Huma can afford or have birth control. For the sake of argument, let's assume Mizz Fluke is correct. My question is this: How on God's earth does the Georgetown Law student turned sex activist know this?

pschwaller said...

Originally published as Humor/Satire. That appears to have been dropped along the way.

Jen Raiche said...

It's so sad to me that the ideal adult is one that acts like a child all day doing whatever s/he desires. There is a reason most of the country is on antidepressants. We're all so busy living lives of spiritual depravity that we have to mask the negative feelings with a pill from our doctor.

For our part, we try to live out our faith and help/pray for those in our circle of family and friends. There's only one way to change the world--to become Saints. May God help us all to do so.

Proteios1 said...

Preaching to the choir. Anyone who accepts the anti woman policies of pushers of abortion or contraception probably isn't smart enough to see the illogical nature of this silly woman. If its a fake quote. Ilarious if it wasn't so close to how the left really thinks and speaks.

PA15101 said...

It is a fake quote, she never said that.

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