"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The Republican's Last Chance

This is it. This is the Republican's last chance to show that they are worthy of support.

The Republican's have it completely within their power to defund Obamacare, but will they?

As I have said before, Obamacare breaks the bond between citizen and government and fundamentally changes the relationship. This spells doom for the country in myriad ways including religious liberty. If the Republicans fail this time, with Obamacare implementation just months away, it will be too late. Obamacare must be stopped.

The Republicans have failed in every battle to date, mostly because they were afraid. Always afraid. Well, this time they should be.

Fact: The Republicans have it completely within their power to defund Obamacare by simply refusing under any circumstances to vote for a continuing resolution that funds it. It is that simple. Vote to fund all the rest of the behemoth, but exclude Obamacare.

Fact: Republicans have the numbers to accomplish this in both chambers. They have a majority in the House and a filibuster proof minority in the Senate if they would just stick together. So if they fail, it is entirely 100% their fault.

There is no more important issue right now. If the Republicans cannot stick together to secure this liberty and advance this one paramount idea, then there ceases to be a rational for the Republican party's existence.

Now, I completely expect the Republicans to fail because already many of the membership and leadership are criticizing the idea. So I fully expect them to fail.

But, let's be clear. If they fail, which I expect them to do, I will renounce my lifelong membership in the party and actively promote and seek a 3rd party's formation. I would rather be in a minority party with principle than be a part of such cowardice and ineffectiveness. I suspect I won't be alone.

Republicans, if you cannot hold together to do this one thing, then I am done with you.

I know I am just one guy with a blog, who cares? Well, I do. I cannot be a part of this system anymore and I suspect that I am not alone.

Republicans, do this. Do this one thing or die.

*subhead*Do it or die*subhead*

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Artax57 said...

Amen. I'm done with this party.

Proteios1 said...

I've never been able to support either of these two unethical political parties. They both overlap with a few Catholic values, but they both overlap with a few of Satans as well. I could never do it. Bt I do agree with the blogger that the fact we are locked into these two turds of political parties that this one, for the good of the country, must end the ACA. I suspect they won't because it is SO bad (also the reason to end it) that democrats are going to be hugely penalized for it in the upcoming years if the RNC can find a leader who can find his smart and seasoned. It's a time for real leadership in that party. I mean...wow. Just bad. Sure the Obama worshipers in the media don't make it easy, but even some leadership would be nice.

Steve Dalton said...

Pat, I'm with you. The GOP is a donkey with an elephant's skin.

Donald R. said...

"I know I am just one guy with a blog...."
You're not alone. I think more & more are finally catching on to the ruse of the 2 party system.

Paul Zummo said...

The Republican's have it completely within their power to defund Obamacare,

56 Democratic/Independent Senators and a Democrat President say otherwise.

We can stomp our feet and throw a hissy feet all we want, but it doesn't change reality. Much of the funding for Obamacare is triggered automatically, and would take a change in the law to do away with. We had our chance last year, and we blew it. Now we have to deal with the consequences.

FGA said...

..."The Republicans have failed in every battle to date, mostly because they were afraid."

Please allow me to respectfully disagree. The sad and tragic fact is that they have not failed even once. The key is to understand their strategy. They fain the heroic attempt and to fool and to placate the base - then it is business as usual.

Both parties care about only one thing and that is power. They both lie to their base, offering the appearance of battle to keep them stirred up, and only the occasional tokens of victory to keep them in line and then it's off to another party with the wealthy elite.

It is we who fail... if we continue to support this sham.

Patrick Archbold said...


The House has to pass a CR to continuing funding the gov't. There is no way to pass a CR with funding for OC if the Republicans wouldnt allow it. The govt would shut down, but so be it.

It is possible and the R's have the power.

Paul Zummo said...

No, Patrick you're wrong. Please read Byron York's column today. The lion's share of Obamacare funding is not tied to discretionary spending, and a shutdown would do nothing to stop it.

Mendol said...

Sorry -- Abortion, Abortion, Abortion. THIS is the most important issue. One party is taking the car called abortion full speed towards perdition -- the other is, at worst case, driving the car with the emergency brakes on. In the fight against the abomination of abortion -- the Republicans are the only chance we have.

Harry Seldon said...

The history of politics is chaotic. What seems like a fool's errand today may look like the soundest possible decision in hindsight. No one can predict the future.

It is also good to remember that to one's self, "my" party appears to be the apotheosis of disorganization and disarray, while the "enemy" has a cunningly organized and masterfully enacted plan. This is true for both sides. Reagan was an evil mastermind to Democrats the way Obama is to Republicans. It pains me just a bit that this blog cannot seem to rise above the lowest common denominator of analysis, but so be it.

Lastly, remember that in moral analysis, we are responsible to use a moral means to achieve our moral end...we are not all required to agree on which moral means is the most efficient. If Pat thinks that a 3rd party is really the best way to correct America's problems, then he pretty much has to go with his conscience, no matter what.

Patrick Archbold said...

I understand your point. It would not eliminate Obamacare, but it would kill the money needed to get it up and running which would seriously hamper its implementation.

tuleesh said...

Meanwhile, on the Left Coast a ray of, uh, um... a sliver of hope:
Republican wins state senate seat in a majority Hispanic/Dem California district.

Jason said...

So revive the old idea of the German center (Catholic) party but here in the states.

William Meyer said...

Agreed. The Republicans are dead to me. I do not think they will stand their ground on this vote. Too few spines in evidence.

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