"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The Threat of Radical Christianity

The greatest threat to NARAL and radical Islam are both pointing out the dire threat of radical Christianity. And they're right.

Read about it at The National Catholic Register.


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Anonymous said...

I agree completely with your point about NARAL.

About the Muslims, however, I see their point. Any charitable mission is apt to be undertaken by a true believer, and a true believer is likely to proselytize. Everybody knows that. Even though Mother Theresa said she had a different tactic (different topic for a different day), most missionaries still proselytize.

And, in most cases, when confronted about proselytizing, most missionaries obfuscate by talking about "love". We run into this every year in the Southern USA when the Protestant Churches organize their youth to go on "mission" to "evangelize" and always seem to go only to thoroughly Catholic countries South of the USA. Why not stay home? Because home is already Protestant. Why would Christian missionaries go to Morocco? Because Morocco is Muslim.

Let's at least be adult about this. We're in the business of making converts. If the Muslims want to kick us out, then we should be joyful because it means they know we're effective.

Equating the Morrocans with NARAL over this is just stupid.

artfulDodger said...

If the Christians want to kick us (Muslims) out of America, then we should be joyful because it means they know we're effective.

tuleesh said...

Well, during WYD, Papa Francis did tell the youth to shake things up in their diocese and take the Church to the streets.

Sure sounds like a rejection of the church of one-hour Christianity, and more like the church of the Great Commission.

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