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This Movie Looks Seriously Awesome.

I can't stand George Clooney. Can't stand. I can't even watch his movies, not because of some weird boycott thing but because I can't help but remember he's a jerk in real life. So every character he plays I can't help but think of as a jerk.

But this movie looks stunning. Absolutely stunning. Check out these three clips.

And now this clip which might actually be the best one.

And this one is just a complete nightmare situation.

Thanks to Hot Air for putting the original trailer up.


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John F. Kennedy said...

Sorry, I won't see this movie. This movie has George Clooney AND Sandra Bullock.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I'm with you in the "Can't Stand Clooney's Politics" department, but I have really liked some of his movies. The Perfect Storm? Perfectly awesome, right down to Wahlberg's Gloucester accent.

(Up in the Air, though? Horrid, horrible film.)

Anyway, thanks for the links, Matt. This one wasn't yet on my radar.

Harry Seldon said...

Looking forward to it, too...but I'm already wondering - How many times does she fall off of that space station?

Gail Finke said...

Love George Clooney. Not all of his movies by any means, but a lot of them. I really don't care what his politics are. I don't go to movies because I like actors' politics.

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