"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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‘Ugly Betty’ Dissident to Lecture at Fairfield

Fairfield University recently announced plans to host actress, same-sex marriage activist, and Planned Parenthood promoter America Ferrera to speak at its “signature lecture series,” the Open Visions Forum, on October 7.

Best known for her role on the television show Ugly Betty, Ferrera, a Catholic, is also a well-known activist for Planned Parenthood, having headlined numerous events for the abortion giant including its “Playing Politics With Women’s Health: The 2012 Election and Why It Matters” luncheon put on by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She also hosted the event at which Planned Parenthood bestowed its highest honor, the Margaret Sanger award, to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Kenny R said...

My take is that Ms. Ferrara is and always has been a novelty act, a on-trick pony indicated by carrying the first name "America." Yet, now that her 15 minutes are up she has to strive hard to prove herself relevant. Otherwise, it's regional theatre forever.
As for saying she's "Catholic", well, that's the costume she wears but in reality, really?

Donna M said...

yaaaaaaaawwwn, huh, uuhhhmmm,


tuleesh said...

Touché, Kenny R @ 5:15 PM

Proteios1 said...

So are these "values" still considered new visions or open visions. Are they still considered counter cultural. These hypersexualized aspects of our culture and the contraception and abortion, pornography and objectification that accompanies the secular culture are the mainstream. They call it the new normal because it is. So why are we still pretending that they offer a new vision? Why are we pretending this is standing up to anything? It is the norm, sad as that is. They can stop with the "we must fight the power" silliness. They are the power. It's time for those seeking morality and family values to fight the power. Talk about an alternative to this schizophrenic culture we inhabit.

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