"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Vid: College Students Sign Petition for Legalizing Post-Birth Abortion

It just goes to show you that college students are idiots and we should never listen to them at all. About anything.

HT Campus Reform


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Proteios1 said...

Entertaining. But like Leno or others, I wonder how many people called him out on the fictitious notion of a 4th TRImester? Dis tilling out only those failing to see the fact it's nonsense is a deception and those ranting agonists all students as the result of some percentage who, lets face it, shouldn't be there, are as ignorant as those they mock.
But I still wonder if there are data out there to cross reference the level of knowledge about contraception, how it works,details about abortion or NFP (I.e. how a women's body actually works) with ones stance on abortion...pro or con. From those I, an evil PhD, speak with, the pro abortionists are not just less knowledgeable, but willfully ignorant. The pro life group, perhaps to understand how to approach the enemy, is very knowledgeable about contraception and abortion for the most part. Both groups are dangerously ignorant of Gods creation of the women's reproductive system and how we may understand it....NFP.

Mary De Voe said...

"Both groups are dangerously ignorant of Gods creation of the women's reproductive system and how we may understand it....NFP." The rational, immortal soul is the form of the body. Every newly conceived child, sovereign person, human being brought into existence has a soul. Aborting the human soul at any given time aborts the will of God, Divine Providence, innocence and virginity. Over-population is not the reality. The innocence and the virginity of the human soul at conception, the legal and moral innocence of the virgins, our Constitutional posterity who have an unalienable right to Life, and the removal from the public square of any virtue, of Justice, of mercy, of human compassion is the goal of the devil himself. Remove the innocent, the virgin, the moral, the legal, and replace their time and space with wantonness, viciousness, depravity, callousness, and human sacrifice. Bound to hell, worshipping the devil, because Roe gave custody of the unborn, the fruit of the father's seed and offspring of his body to the individual who intends to murder him. Because Roe denies "our Creator", God's gift of Life and the human soul endowed with unalienable rights and sovereign personhood. OH, does sovereign personhood come from the state? Maybe human existence comes from the state? Maybe personhood evolved from the lower animals without the intuition and reason, free will and intellect attributed to the human soul? Boy! The devil is howling out loud. The smoke and brimsstone is smoldering. Can you smell the flesh burning?

Mary De Voe said...

There is no music in hell.

Harry Seldon said...

It's a funny comedy routine, but seems of little value otherwise, since obviously these ignorant people don't grasp "tri".

Donna M said...

"Bubble Heads"!

Incredible, they'll sign anything!
No wonder obama is consistantly popular with this low information and limited knowledge group. Goes to show, if it wasn't such a serious subject it would be purely laughable! Try finding a job when finished, and pay down that debt.

Gabriel said...
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Gabriel said...
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Gabriel said...

Abortion should be legal, but only between the 75th and 91st trimesters. I understand people wanting allow "4th trimester abortions". After all, there are many undesirable conditions that can't be discovered until after birth.

Even after birth there are still many undesirable conditions that might go unnoticed. Maybe the child has criminal tendencies. Maybe they are simply unmotivated. Maybe they endorse long shot political positions just to get themselves publicity. Who knows?

By allowing, and requiring, parents to wait until their child is in the 75th trimester, we can make sure that they make a truly educated decision about accepting parenthood. No one should be forced to be a parent without their consent.

Mary De Voe said...

@Gabriel: Abortion at the 300th trimester is called euthanasia.

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