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Wait. Lucky the Leprachaun is Gay?

Lucky the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms has gone gay. Who could've seen that coming?

OK. I'll admit. That picture should've made us at least question it before, huh?

The Media Research Center reports:
Lucky Charms won’t just be at the end of the rainbow anymore. It’ll be right up in front, toeing the line for gay activists and their agenda.

According to The Huffington Post, General Mills just announced that Lucky Charms – with little rainbow marshmallows – will be the face for a new gay pride campaign, called #LuckyToBe.

“General Mills has come out in support of the gay community for Pride,” wrote HuffPo’s Christopher Rudolph, “and what better way to show their love than with the Lucky Charms marshmallow rainbow?”

The new gay-agenda campaign “encourages people with Pride to tweet and post online their reasons for why they're prideful using the hashtag #LuckyToBe.”

In fact, General Mills sent a press release to GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), which made it pretty clear that GM is jumping on the gay bandwagon wholeheartedly. “We're celebrating Pride month with whimsical delight, magical charms, and two new rainbow marshmallows,” said the #LuckyToBe campaign. “If you're lucky enough to be different, we're celebrating you.”
Just so parents know. If your kid is eating Lucky Charms, those marshmallows are totally gay.


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Aged parent said...

I sit here in amazement and watch the whole world go insane. Incredible.

Kitty Eleison said...

Any guesses on what the two special marshmallows are?

Christine said...

Never bought the stuff and NOW never will.

Sherry Antonetti said...


Anonymous said...

Now, now, I read this blog faithfully, and some of you might be having a bad reaction to this, but since I'm such a big fan of Matt and Pat, I have been educated by them to realize that Lucky the Leprechaun just wants to be happy. He's just like everyone else, trying to live his life quietly. Extraordinarily talented, generous and caring about the world he lives in; he wants to love, and for some reason I cannot define, that is the way in which he is pulled.

My heart breaks. You might say, “but Lucky has an agenda. He wants to change our nation.” Some might, but I don’t think all do. I think most of these folks are just living their lives as best they can, just like you and I. Like Lucky.

I also think of Lucky's loved ones. They are a son or daughter, a parent, a coworker, a childhood friend, a neighbor, a confidant. To them, Lucky is not a statistic. He is not a news story. He is a person. To be valued and loved. And all these people, they listen to our answers and comments and thoughts and hear: “you cannot love, Lucky. You cannot be a happy Leprechaun.”

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/matthew-archbold/were-not-called-to-win-arguments-were-called-to-love#ixzz2XpateBRf


Seriously, after that post yesterday, how can we take anything the Archbolds say about the gay issue seriously? Maybe there's a fight going on and one of them (the gay sympathizer) is resetting the password and locking out the Catholic one occasionally. I dunno, but it's pretty silly. Take a position. Stick with it. Make sure it's Catholic.

LarryD said...

This is terrible!! All those gay children will now want to be eating unhealthy sugary cereal! Sounds like a plot to make all the gay people fat and unhealthy.

Kevin Hammer said...

What's next -- the rabbit is turning "Trix"?

ProudHillbilly said...

Shoulda seen it coming. Really. Shaking head. All those years. Maybe that's why when I grew up and became Catholic I didn't like them any more, 'cause then I became a hater.

Proteios1 said...

Ok. Someone needs to educate me. What is the deal with the blatant outpouring of pro gay advocacy from the private sector. S 1% of the population is homosexual. Fine. They don't deserve to be picked on for that. It's still a sin in the eyes of Catholics and faithful Christians. We know this. But over what other issue has it been so heavily promoted. Dn king couldn't do this good of a job in promotions. And then to equate this with civil rights for black people. I don't recall any cereal, retain store, cookie, coffee, online shopping, and on and on, "going black" for civil rights. This just strikes me as strange. Even in the pro Christian world I grew up in 20 years ago, there was nowhere near this level of advocacy. In fact, I've never seen this level of advocacy and promotion. Even the news agencies are sidestepping objectivity for this blatant promotion of gay activism. Is this the depopulation movement? Are gays the illuminati...sorry. Couldn't resist...heh, heh. But seriously....
What is REALLY going on?

Donna M said...


Donna M said...

Guess I won't be buying anymore general mills products. Trust me they won't be missed!

Steve Dalton said...

Lucky Charms, they're queerly delicious! BTW, ain't going after these "lucky charms"!

Mack Hall, HSG said...

General Mills -- who knew? But perhaps the leather riding boots and the riding crop make it all obvious.

I know, I know, we're never to play the Nazi card, but our corporations are submitting (as it were) to a few leather-boy rowdies just as German corporations did in the 1930s.

Dean said...

Got to ask,
Harry Seldon, as in the Foundation trilogy?

Dean said...

Got to ask,
Harry Seldon, as in the Foundation trilogy?

Donna M said...

Saying bye-bye and farewell to a once loved childhood cereal. And the most indearing thing was about the cereal, was all those "charming" sugary marshmellows. Counter acted with all that wholesome, "whole" grain. Can't stop thinking of the association. Even thinking of taking a bite, makes me sick to my stomach!
Never will buy this cr@p again!

Nan said...

Once they started promoting teh gay last year I stopped buying their products. It's sad really, because they're local and I used a lot of their products, which are everywhere. I guess pandering to the 3% is more important than the 97%.

Pat said...

Here's my guess: the civil rights movement taught us that unfair discrimination is wrong. we were raised on that. now we're realizing that we've been unfairly discriminating all along to a whole other group of Americans who never deserved the contempt and violence we heaped upon them and - judging from recent news reports- continue to heap on them. And, they are closely related to us, unlike black people - we're all related to a gay person and a child of mine could be gay. Tomorrow. So, it's sobering and so, its pretty easy to make us all feel better about ourselves by taking big steps (USSC) and little steps (Lucky Charms) to remind ourselves that we are not evil lynching monsters... we are Christians who can evolve in thought and understanding and show that to ourselves and to the world.

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