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You Know Those Moms Who Want to Protect Their Kids in Bubble Wrap?

Well, now there's a sport those kids can play. These guys can be rough as all get out and nobody can get hurt. If this were offered at most schools, moms would probably be signing their kids up like crazy.

I can't imagine why this sport isn't at least on ESPN 2. This is awesome.


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Donna M said...

Hilarious watching battling bubble fish! They couldn't get near to each other without someone getting knocked on their keester! Definitely count on someone going down!...;)

Liz said...

It looks like something kids would find hilariously funny, but I would point out that they can still hurt their knees and ankles (speaking from the vantage point of someone who's twisted her ankles more times than she'd like to contemplate). Still it looks like fun.

William Meyer said...

No doubt many will complain that this is still too dangerous, as their legs are unprotected. Liz, as someone who has also suffered many sprains, I can say very happily that about 20 years ago, a doctor told me how to prevent them, and it worked. I think anyone who suffers more than one sprain before graduating high school should learn to retrain their brain. It's a (lack of) feedback issue.

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