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Abortion Clinic Workers Hide Women Being Rushed to Ambulance

Last week, there was much talk that Mississippi's last abortion clinic would be shut down. When a federal judge ruled that it could stay open, abortion clinic workers blew party horns and danced on the lawn of the clinic. ABC News was there to film it and called it Mississippi's Only Abortion Clinic Fights On.

ABC was not there yesterday, however, when a woman was taken out on a gurney and rushed into an ambulance. Clinic workers rushed out too holding up boards so nobody could see the woman.

Just days ago these people were dancing on the lawn. Now they're covering up yet another injured woman from a botched abortion.


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1 comment:

Proteios1 said...

Some hard hitting journalism there. Rah rah rah for the abolitionists. Then start whistling innocently with their hands in their pockets when their cheer leading results in serious injury or death. Pretty sad state tht journalism is in these days. Or...pathetic.

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