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Abortion Group Initiates 3 Day "Blog Carnival," Asks for Positive Stories About Abortion Experiences

A pro-abortion group is calling on women to share their positive experiences with abortion as part of a three day "blog carnival" whatever that means. The babies could not be reached for comment on their perspective.

The Christian Post reports:

Pro-abortion groups are calling on women who've had abortions to share their positive stories about the experience by writing a 500 to 1,000 word essay that will be shared with the public on the #AbortionMatters blog.

Feminist Majority Foundation and its Choices Campus Leadership Program, which claims to be the world's largest pro-choice student network, has launched the #AbortionMatters "blog carnival" to allow for pro-abortion organizations and advocates to share their essays and policy pieces in support of abortion, and to "destigmatize abortion, encourage wider education on the procedure, and normalize the conversation."
Hmmmm. Smells like desperation?


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