"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Abp. Sartain To Climb Into Lion's Den Wearing Meat Suit

Many men would think it’s a dream to attend a meeting with 900 women. This is not that. This is the opposite of that.

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain will be attending the annual gathering of the Leardership Conference of Women Religious next week.

Mercy Sr. Theresa Kane, told NCR Online that Sartain's presence was "a cloud over our head." That sounds hopeful. This is like sending George W. Bush to an Occupy Detroit rally.

Just so you’re assured that the sisters are going into this with the right attitude, NCR reports:
The prioress of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, Sr. Margaret Ormond, said that to prepare for the gathering, she has met with sisters in her order, asking: "What do we want Archbishop Sartain to hear?'"
That sounds like they're ready for a dialogue, right?

Abp. Sartain better grow new ears because he's going to be hearing it.

I think this calls for a game of "I'd rather..." For those of you who don't know how to play, you simply recite things you'd rather do than be Abp. Sartain showing up at this LCWR meeting. I'll start.

I'd rather watch Aaron Sorkin's new show "Newsroom" and drink rubbing alcohol every time a character says something self righteous.
I'd rather watch MSNBC.
I'd rather have the pages of Commonweal made into my bathroom wallpaper.
I'd rather have transcripts of Al Sharpton's MSNBC show sung to me by Miley Cyrus..

Now, it's your turn.


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RobJ said...

I'd rather listen to Barack Obama...
speak for more than an hour...
about how everything in America...
is a reflection of his own being.

RMT said...

I would rather be an incense bowl dancer at a clown mass where the whole congregation is wearing ugly puppet costumes

Anneg said...

Be a fat red snapper in a school of hungry sharks (hey, it's shark week!)

Irenaeus of New York said...

I would rather be watching Sharknado
I would rather be watching PirahnaConda

Mary Kay said...

I would rather watch a looped video of all of Piers Morgan's gun-control interviews.

Loved the Al Sharpton/Miley Cyrus preference! I laughed out loud here in my office...

William Meyer said...

I think the core of the problem is that Pope Francis is delivering sound bites which are consistent with Church teaching, but are given out of context, and are incomplete. The most obvious example is the quote about gays.

Of course, the media will spin as they wish, no matter what he says, but I am reminded of Donald Rumsfeld, who had the consistent habit of correcting reporters' twisting of his words during Q&A sessions. It is not a total solution, but at least makes the spin harder to support.

Anonymous said...

I'd Rather be at a week-long Hip-Hop Festival

Proteios1 said...

I would rather these charitable and loving women form a secular or other group that can continue their charitable work while at the same time not claim to be Catholic while not believing in Catholic teaching. No reason to stop the good work they claim to do, like riding on buses promoting themselves and other things. Keep up the good work ex Catholic nuns.

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