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Good News for Fans of STD's

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, the great comedy team from the 60's is back and better than ever. Hilarity ensues. And rashes. And pain too. Lots and lots of pain.

CBS reports:

Sacramento County’s health department will begin distributing a take-home STD test for women that won’t cost users a penny.

The city has one of the highest rates of STDs in the state, and it keeps going up every year. Now a new online program will hopefully get more people to get tested.

“We definitely need all the help we can get,” said Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye.

The division of public health says STDs are spreading like wildfire in Sacramento, with chlamydia and gonorrhea considered an epidemic.
The interesting thing here is that while the Health Department is saying these terrible diseases are spreading like wildfire, they're not even suggesting that maybe you shouldn't jump into the sack with anyone and everyone. They just are setting up free tests.

Wouldn't you think if there's an "epidemic" which is "spreading like wildfire" the Health department would tell people to stop doing the things that causes it?

When people smoke cigarettes, did the government simply set up CT scans for people or did they inform them of the dangers of smoking? I seem to remember the government being pretty strenuous in telling people not to smoke.


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Proteios1 said...

This is at the heart of our hypersexualized culture. Where common sense, abstinence or moderation are central in policy and planning for items like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug usage or gun availability, just to name a few, sexual activity-that great central tenet to the leftists-must remain sacred. And unencumbered by discretion or God forbid proper usage within the marital bond (and by that I mean a reason, not homosexual unions).
I have a relative who abides by the free condoms and contraception in schools. When I say that is nuts or even suggest it isn't under the perview of the public schools, she argues that, "well, kids are going to do it anyways".
So why stop there? if this form of rationalization is truly logical, then...
Give them a gift bag on the first day of class with some condoms, a bottle of liquor, some weed, a laptop preloaded with porn and some car keys. They are going to do these things anyways.

Sophia's Favorite said...

RE: "kids are going to do it anyway", adolescents are also known for their violence. We expect them to control that.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Yes, but you didn't vote in your last school board election.

elm said...

Isn't it odd that the rates of STD's and the procurement of free contraception go hand in hand?

Christina said...

People get head injuries when biking...make a law to force them to wear a helmet.
People get fat from soda...make a law to stop them from drinking it.
People are getting addicted to cancer-causing cigarettes...ban it from public life.

People are getting STD's from having sex...well, they are going to have sex anyway - give them a condom and a free test kit.

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