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Great Vid: Alex Jones Enters the Church

As many of you know, I love conversion stories. Can't get enough. I would tailgate before tapings of The Journey Home if security would let me within fifty miles. I love Alex Jones' story.

This is a short film where the former Rev. Alex Jones (Pentecostal minister of Maranatha Christian Church in Detroit) recalls the day he and over fifty members of his church entered the Catholic Church after a four-year study of Early Christianity.


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Lynne said...

Oh! I thought you meant the *other* Alex Jones... Whew!

matthew archbold said...

Oh my. Didn't think of that. Yeah, not him.

JACK said...

If only "cradle Catholics" had the faith of this man!

Nick D said...

I thought Matt meant the *other* one as well, Lynne!

Redtabby said...

Such a deeply moving video. Brought tears to my eyes.

Dr. Jones is listed in the directory for the Diocese of Detroit as a Deacon, Deacon Emeritus, in fact,for the parish of St.Suzanne/Our Lady Gate of Heaven. Good to know he's still soldiering on. God bless him.

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