"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Joseph Bottum - Fool and Tool

Joseph Bottum, former editor of First Things, has pathetically come out in favor of gay marriage in an article at Commonweal. It fails any test as argument, but rather indicates that Mr. Bottum has become un-moored and is too lazy to swim back to shore.

Matthew Frank, at Bottum's former haunt First Things sums better than I possibly could.

At one point in this bloated, interminable essay, meandering hither and yon, Bottum allows as how the authors of the Manhattan Declaration were chiefly thinkers and not writers. Never was it more obvious that the reverse is true of Bottum.


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Ron said...

Shades of Damon Linker. Whatever one might think of Fr. Richard Neuhaus, he seems to have been a very poor judge of character.

Artax57 said...

Where on earth did this guy ever get the impression that he was Catholic.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

SS Paul, Peter and James prophesied in their letters that many church leaders would try to accommodate themselves to the spirit of the age in the "last days." St. John's Revelation describes the "woman on the beast" as representing such apostasy. BTW, I don't believe that "woman" represents the Catholic Church exclusively but all denominations that have compromised their spiritual patrimony and commitment. Mainline Protestantism offers the best example.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

I've always wanted to write a Declaration or a Manifesto myself. MyMyMy second-hand thoughts as issued to me by Caesar are important because I, I, I listed 'em in MyMyMy 'way-cool MyFaceSpaceBook with unicorns and fairies and stuff and called 'em a Manifesto. And there's probably an Ap for that.

Irenaeus of New York said...

I had to stop reading at the subtitle...

"A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage"

Squaring a circle always gives me a headache. I learn to avoid it if I can.

John C. said...

Commonweal... what a joke.. spent a few minutes checking that site out, now im actually upset. Fishwrap, along with NCR

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