"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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According to commercials.

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*subhead*Yogurt and birth control.*subhead*

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K T Cat said...

That was so awesome that it should be outlawed!

Suzanne Carl said...

Great Video! That is the world of Oprah's dreams.

KCKim said...

Gotta love satire.

Ironic, isn't it, that so many women out there taking birth control don't worry in the least bit that they are consuming death-causing substances, but they do worry that their yogurt contain LIVE pro-biotics!

akg41470 said...

"Death-causing"? Wow, you don't understand how birth control pills even WORK, do you?

Ron Van Wegen said...

Re akg41470:
The contraceptive pill is a Group One carcinogen (WHO)
The contraceptive pill primarily works by preventing ovulation but it's secondary effects include thinning of the endometrium making it more difficult for a newly created human-being to attach hence causing death.

akg41470 said...

LOL "human being"


You couldn't even tell me what species this zygote is on it's face (full disclosure: neither can I).

You kill more cells than this when you scratch your nose.

Sophia's Favorite said...
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Sophia's Favorite said...

Setting conception as the point when "personhood" begins is simply, scientifically, best, because it is the least arbitrary. At that point, two haploid gametes (germ cells) become one zygote (a somatic cell). It is not the somatic cell of either the father or the mother, each of whom contributed only one of the two gametes that go to make it up.

If you're going to set a later date...when? Fission into two somatic cells? Four? Eight? 512? Organ differentiation? Organ differentiation involves apparatus capable of detecting them—as detecting apparatus improve, does personhood happen earlier?

There's also a principle in all law that, when the presence of a person is in doubt, you err on the side of caution. "We can't tell that pile of stuff isn't a hobo, run right over it!"—that's a "depraved indifference" jail-term waiting to happen.

So...if you want abortions, argue that for some reason that principle doesn't hold here. Or argue in favor of killing entities acknowledged to be human beings. Any argument involving our "ignorance" of whether there is a person present is an argument against abortion, according to the principles that hold sway in all the rest of our law.

priest's wife said...

Sophia's Favorite- exactly

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