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You Might be a Bad Parent If...

You just can’t trust children to tell you you’re being a bad parent.

Case in point: I knew I’d been fooled last week when the kids all started thanking me right after I paid the supermarket cashier. They’d waited until money exchanged hands and the deal was done. Then they all started jumping up and down excitedly, thanking me.

The six year old said effusively, “Dad, you’re a much better shopper than Mom.”

The cashier looked up at me. She knew I'd been had. She looked at all the stuff I’d bought and then at me.

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Anneg said...

Gosh, Matt, don't you know that Cocoa Puffs and Apple Jacks are only for birthdays or Christmas? My kids got them wrapped up just like a present.

Anneg said...

And my husband once came home from the Asian grocery with my list stuff and 4 pounds of sesame seeds!

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