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Hey, My Sister Performed Her Show at The Kennedy Center

My sister Mary, who's mucho pregnant right now, just performed her show "Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed Woman" at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. This is a really big deal.

The link is up and if you've got some time feel free to take a look. It's really funny and touching.

Here's the description right from the site:

Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed Woman is a two-person sketch show that addresses some of the awkward and absurd situations that actor Mary Theresa Archbold has encountered regarding her prosthetic arm. Featuring hilarious personal monologues, dancing, and singing, Jazz Hand holds a mirror up to the stereotypes carried by an unwitting and (mostly) good-intentioned general public. Jazz Hand premiered at the New York International Fringe Festival, where Archbold won the Excellence Award for Outstanding Actor. It has played at the Peoples Improv Theater, the LA Comedy Festival, and the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC. The short film version of the opening sketch reached the finals of the NBC/Universal Shortcuts festival, where Archbold won the Best Actor award.
And here's the link.


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Deirdre Mundy said...

That's awesome! I've been wondering what happened to "Pat and Mary Save their Marriage..." But... I guess you just answered for us... they decided to emulate all those historical married couples who had babies!

Congratulations on the show and the baby!

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