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Lesson In Vatican Denial?

The Vatican firmly denied reports in France on Friday that Pope Francis had telephoned a young gay French Catholic to reassure him. Christophe Trutino had claimed in a newspaper interview the Pontiff had told him “Your homosexuality. It doesn't matter" in a personal call.

I think the Vatican can take a lesson from this.

You can't control a false story/hoax from surfacing, but the Vatican should ask itself "Why did so many people believe it? And why did even the skeptical hold their breath a bit?"

I know the Pope wishes to portray the Church and the Papacy in a different light. But when you do something like that, you need to periodically ask your self "Am I sending the wrong message?"

That so many thought the story *might* be true should be a concern.

Something to think about.


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Michael said...

"Who am I to judge?"

Fr Bill Peckman said...

No good deed goes unpunished. No snide remark seemingly is left unsaid anymore either.

Paul said...

I had seen news stories elsewhere mentioning a rumor that the Vatican had contacted Assad (the leader of Syria). So when I briefly skimmed this post, I mistakenly thought that you were talking about the Vatican denying a call to Assad. But then I couldn't figure out why Pope Francis would say, "Your homosexuality. It doesn't matter" to the leader of Syria! :-)

(I finally read your post more closely, and now it makes sense.)

Anonymous said...

The way the Church has been so far and the way this Pope is presently, can one be blamed thinking this story may very well have been true? Thankfully, it was false, and those involved need to have a consequences. Nonetheless, it is quite telling about the credibility of the present Church and Her ability to assert Truth.


tuleesh said...

Well of course “[y]our homosexuality. It doesn't matter," if first you've denied yourself and picked up your cross, to follow Christ.

Our Lord is not an enabler. Jesus did not come to make us "comfy"; He came to make us holy.

Katalina said...

For all of the talk about how wonderful Francis has been as Pope these six months why do all of these mistakes and denials keep happening? I thought this was just a PR problem with Benedict. I think Fran is not CLEAR enough in his off the cuff statements, and this is getting to be an embarrassment to the Holy See.

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