"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Patrick On Mic'd Up With Michael Voris Tonight

I will be on Mic'd up with Michael Voris tonight discussing an article I wrote a week ago on "The Muslim World Needs Conversion, Not Understanding"

Give a listen.


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Anonymous said...


Good presentation on Voris' show. You were clear and succinct in explaining true evangelization. Evidently this was missed during the Year of Evangelization, and it's great you brought this up during the Year of Faith.

It was quiet interesting Michael brought up a quote of Paul VI on what was happening to the Church. It's so ironic he's lamenting the goings-on when he was the one who caused most of it to happen. All of the nonsense which occurred was allowed or decreed by him. He should have reversed it rather moaning up about things falling down around him. Very strange.


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