"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Teacher Tells 7 y/o Girl She Can't Write About God as Her Idol

But Michael Jackson was ok?

The thing about this is, this probably isn't just about one crazy teacher. These are the game rules we've set up where this teacher was probably nervous upon seeing the little girl chose to write about God. She probably didn't know if this would get her in trouble or even fired. Remember a few years ago a school (I think in Florida) had a big meeting about whether they could say "God bless you" after a student sneezed. If we're honest with ourselves this kind of thing doesn't even surprise us anymore. It's becoming common. Because in the eyes of teachers and schools it's easier to tell a child "no" than try to stand up to the ACLU or some batty atheists threatening lawsuits.

Ed Morrissey has more at Hot Air.


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Proteios1 said...

seems to me that the school endorsing a religion is the problem (if you are in that camp, of course). But what isnt a problem or an endorsement is a student writing about or speaking about whatever they want to. Schools were never meant to be God-free zones. The argument was that the school couldnt promote a religion or belief. To confuse these two really ends up being oppressive.

Mary De Voe said...

Proteios1 has it right. The school, any school or group cannot and does not have authentic authority to speak for an individual private citizen. The minor citizen, citizen, because his sovereign personhood constitutes the state from the very first moment of existence and whose civil rights are held in trust for him by God, by his parents and finally by the state is not owned by the state or school or any group of individuals, only by himself in free will called freedom. Even the public school teacher, as a teacher for the school system can and may speak for herself as a private citizen even while taking pay for teaching, because the teacher does not surrender her citizenship as a private person by becoming employed by the state. “God bless you”, is a perfectly natural and legal exercise of one’s freedom and a good example of civil rights. If one notices that the state, while preventing a citizen from saying “God bless you” violates its own rules by indoctrinating and programming the minor captive audience of children without emancipated informed consent and against the parents’ wishes. Handing out condoms is a good example. Supporting abortion, even while abortion made legal may be against the minor child’s parent’s wishes . “In loco parentis” means that only the parents get to say what their children are taught. All men are created equal and individual and are to be treated and judged as individuals, unless under martial law, after war has been declared by Congress and one or more is a member of the treasonous dictates against the free will and freedom of man. The ACLU qualifies for treasonous dictates against the free will and freedom of man in the metaphysical kingdom.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

None of you voted in your last school board election.

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