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Video: Minister Halts Wedding to Scold Photographer, Says "This Is About God."

We've all seen wedding photographers act completely inappropriately through weddings. But this Christian minister had had enough. It's a short video (about 40 seconds) but you've got to love it. He just turns around and threatens to stop the entire ceremony if the photographer doesn't get out from behind him. "This isn't about photography," he says. "This is about God."

Seems to me that maybe he shouldn't have agreed to marry these two on what looks like a golf course.

And dude, how many bridesmaids does one need? Holy smokes, there's gotta' be like a dozen of them. Make some hard decisions lady. Whittle it down a bit. I do love their faces though as the minister gets all serious with the photographer.


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ProudHillbilly said...

One of my pastors said he had turned around to find the photographer standing on the alter during one wedding...

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