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1920's 19 Ton Church Organ Moved to Catholic Church

After a nearby Methodist Church closed, a Catholic parish raised the money to purchase and restore it. Cardinal Francis George, who played organ as a seminarian, blessed the instrument at St. John Cantius before it played its first note publicly Sunday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

I just noticed it's an automatically playing vid. I'll try to get one up that doesn't have that. So annoying.


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elm said...

This pastor will be speaking @ Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Grand Rapids on Thursday night @ 7 pm. This is a gathering called Authenticum and is sponsored by Catechetical Foundations. Check it out at www.catfoundations.com. The topic will be the Saints of Advent.

elm said...

What's with the pop up ads for Farmers Insurance. Annoying.
Farmers continues to be a leading corporate contributor to the March of Dimes, a national organization dedicated to improving the health of babies that are allowed to be born perfect. Yeah, and we know how well that works.

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