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Brooklyn Diocese Casting Call for Lesbians?

This is just unsettling. According to a casting agency, it seems the Brooklyn diocese is casting for an advertisement to appeal to white lesbians. Obviously, the Church should reach out to everyone but isn't that a little crass? Should we really be breaking it down along race and sexual preferences? Couldn't something like this confuse the faithful?


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Bernard Fischer said...

You should change the subhead on your blog: "We laugh because we believe." You don't laugh anymore. Perhaps for the past few years there's been nothing to laugh about, but it's been a long time since this blog was a light-hearted look at the faith.

Mike said...

So Brooklyn wants to encourage Baptizing babies without raising them in the faith?

Anonymous said...

"Bishop" Dolan; he's a real mensch, huh?

Paul said...

Returnee: Cardinal Dolan is not the bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Bernard: You make a good point. I have found myself coming to this blog less often lately, because of the rather dour attitude that seems to predominate here.

KCKim said...

Ignore them, Patrick. . . some of us come here because we like the "dour" attitude. There's not much to laugh at anymore, and if we're lighthearted, then that's taken by society as condoning all the weirdness that's permeated our Church.

Yeah, I'm interested in knowing how a lesbian "couple" is going to have "their" child baptized in a Catholic Church.

Mary De Voe said...

Poor baby.

Wine in the Water said...

Is this the Catholic diocese of Brooklyn or the Episcopal. Before we start getting all riled up, remember that other people use "diocese" and the Episcopal Church seems to relish doing things and hoping people will think it is the Catholic Church doing it.

Anonymous said...

KCKim, what a disgusting comment. "a Lesbian 'couple' and 'their' children...." grow up

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