"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Dawkins: Pope Francis is "Dangerous."

Hey, you don't get a better blurb than that if you're pope. Militant (and let's face it, a bit loony) atheist Richard Dawkins says Pope Francis is "dangerous" because he's "nice."

When enemies of the Church don't like the pope that's good news.

You know what, I'll worry when Dawkins like the pope and is willing to pose with him all buddy-like.

Previously, you might recall that Dawkins called the Catholic Church "the greatest force for evil in the world."

*subhead*Good news.*subhead*

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wkndbeachcomber said...

So along the continuum of "with endorsements like that who needs critics?", Pope Francis is somewhere between Hans K√ľng and Richard Dawkins.

Help me out: is that good?

Mack Hall, HSG said...

I wonder how much time each morning the poor old gentleman on the right spends waxing his eyebrows to build up that Archimedes-the-Owl look.

Proteios1 said...

Dawkins is the greatest force of ignorance in the world. He promotes it with every word he utters and every straw man he argues against.

Ellyn said...

Dawkins is a bit of a loony....but he may be on to something. The danger to atheism is that the genuine warmth and kindness Pope Francis has (I wouldn't say nice....nice is too wishy-washy and often not such a good thing) has touched the hearts and helped open minds to some who had been opposed to the Catholic Church (or any religion for that matter!) I have seen this first hand in the non-Catholic members of my family! A Pope whose persona helps break down resistance to the Church is 'dangerous' indeed!!

Katalina said...

It is not just Dawkins who happens to think Francis is dangerous lest we forget there are very many in the Church who also feel that he may be dangerous including a couple of well known bloggers who are Catholics. Not only that there are certain Protestants and Evangelicals who feel that way also. Richard Dawkins and his view of why Francis is dangerous is different.

Sophia's Favorite said...

The photo depicts the world's most famous beekeeper and the head of the Hobby for the Younger Sons of Squires. (Also, Dawkins looks like Hermione and Williams looks like Dumbledore.)

Mary De Voe said...

Williams told Pope Benedict XVI that he (the Pope) was the head of the church in Europe meaning that he (Williams) is head of the church in England, well actually the queen. Who wrote his speech? and what's a little libel against the Holy Father.Inciting to riot is against the law.

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